The Dutch Taste From: €13,50


Are you also so curious about all those typical Dutch snacks and dishes? Then this tasting is the most varied of Amsterdam! Here not only pancakes play the main role, but you will also get to know typical Dutch snacks, which go perfectly with a nice beer! As a closing, our poffertjes will make your taste buds tingle. Are you ready for an explosion of Dutch delicacies? 

What's in it?

- A chip shop with a bitterbal, cheese stalk and mini frikandel

- 50/50 pancake

- Poffertjes with butter and sugar

Choice of:

Sweet: apple-raisin-cinnamon; banana nutella; butter-sugar or cherry-cream.

Salt: cheese; cheese-tomato mushrooms; bacon cheese; cheese-tuna-onion-tomato.

The Dutch Delight v.a. €18,50


Real Dutch delicacies on your plate! Enjoy fresh Dutch eels, a pancake and real Dutch poffertjes. A success number!

What's in it?

- Dutch eel on toast

- Pancake of your choice *

- Portion of poffertjes or apple pie

Choice of:

Sweet pancake: apple / cinnamon / powdered sugar or banana / Nutella

Salty pancake: cheese / bacon or chicken

Luciën’s Pancake From: € 14


50/50 pancake*

   2 soft drinks,
coffee or tea

 Choose of: 

Sweet pancakes :
apple-raisins-cinnamon; banana-nutella; butter-sugar or cherries-whipped cream

cheese; cheese-tomato-mushrooms; bacon-cheese; cheese-tuna-onion-tomato.

Unable to choose between a sweet or savoury pancake? You don’t have to! Try the best of both worlds with a 50/50 pancakeThis just leaves one question: which side will you pick first?


The Heavenly Hamburger From: € 11


Who doesn't love a burger from time to time? Your burger is complimented with 1 additional topping of your choice and homemade French fries. 

1 premium beef burger (chicken or vegetarian also available), with vegetables and sauce

1 free topping of your choice*

* Choose from toppings:
cheese, bacon or fried egg