The Dutch Taste From: €14


Are you ready to go completely Dutch? This package offers you the opportunity to have a taste

of the typical flavors of the Dutch cuisine.

What's in it?

-  A fried snack platter with a ‘bitterbal’, cheese stick and ‘mini frikandel’

- Luciën’s Pancake  (cheese & apple)

- ‘poffertjes’ (mini pancakes) with butter
and powdered sugar 

Note: no drinks included


Luciën’s Pancake From: € 11


Unable to choose between a sweet or savoury pancake? You don’t have to! Try the best of both worlds with our signature ‘Luciën’s’ pancake (50/50). This just leaves one question: which side will you pick first?

What's in it?

- Luciën’s pancake (cheese & apple-cinnamon) OR
bacon-cheese, salami-cheese, appel-cinnamon or chocolate sauce

  - 1 small soft drink or Heineken beer


The Heavenly Hamburger From: € 13


Who doesn't love a burger from time to time? Your burger is complimented with homemade French fries and a soft drink or Heineken beer.

What's in it?

- 1 premium beef burger (chicken or vegetarian also available), with vegetables and sauce

- 1 small soft drink or Heineken beer


The Dutch Delight From €18


Real Dutch delicacies unveiled! Try a real Dutch eel alongside the even more famous (mini) pancake(s). Success guaranteed!

What's in it?

- Dutch eel on toast

- Pancake of your choice

- Portion of poffertjes or apple pie

Note: no drinks included