Group Menus

We offer the following packages for groups of 10 people and more.
The 'from' prices apply to a package deal with one of our partners.

Please contact us for more information: 


      phone-png   +31 20 622 64 11

     wapp-png   +31 6 1666 72 19


Luciën's Lunch - from € 16


A lunch at Lucien's stands for your daily portion of
fibers, vegetables and vitamins. Isn't that a healthy break!

Content of the package:

Chicken or tomato soup 
Freshly prepared sandwich
Fresh milk or orange juice
Coffee or tea



Paradise Pancake - from: € 13


Pancakes are our pride!
You can taste that yourself in any of our sweet and salty creations.

Content of the package:

A regular sweet or salty pancake of your choice
A small soft drink or lager beer



Heavenly Hamburger - from € 15


Who doesn't love a nice burger from time to time?
A complete burger menu, including fries and a drink - for the big appetite.

Content of the package:

Premium beef burger
(chicken or veggie also available)
Portion of fresh homemade fries
A small soft drink or lager beer



Dutch Delicacies - from €17


Are you ready to go completely Dutch?
This package offers you the opportunity to have a taste
of the typical flavors of the Dutch cuisine.

Content of the package:

Luciën's Pancake
(or any other 50/50 pancake)
2 'bitterballen' (minced meat snack)
Portion of 'poffertjes' (mini pancakes)
A small soft drink or lager beer