At Luciën’s there are several rooms that you can book for different kinds of occasions (business or personal), for example a (networking) drink, dinner or (children’s) party. Feel free to ask us about the possible arrangements.
We can make a suitable proposal for any wish and budget.

Luciën’s has the following standard facilities:

•   Professionally-styled bar (parterre & downstairs room
 •   Atmospheric lighting
•   Wireless internet
•   Sound installation
•   Outdoor terrace


Space Measurements Seated Standing
Parterre 10m x 6m (54 m2) 52 persons 110 (Empty space)
Downstairs Room 5,4m x 8,5m (46 m2) 60 persons 90 (Empty space)
Bordes 15m x 3m (45 m2) 56 persons 70 (Empty space)
Conference room 8,5m x 3,25m (28 m2) 24 persons  

Note: Luciën’s does not have an elevator.

Please contact us for more information via: 
phone-png-4(5).png  +31 20 622 64 11
whatsapp-png21(4).png   +31 6 1666 7219